Coin Listing Request

Innovation is the driving force behind the progress of the world, and assisting emerging blockchain projects is a crucial part of putting innovation into practice. Users can purchase over 100 cryptocurrency pairs on the 8V exchange. Blockchain projects can follow the process below to submit a new coin listing application, expanding their user base to more than 140 countries and regions worldwide.

Listing Process

8v exchange coin listing flowchart

STEP1 Coin Listing Application

  • Fill out the listing application form
  • Provide information relating to your team and the coin listing project (further information may be requested at this stage).
  • If the application is approved, we will get in touch to schedule an initial meeting (move forward to STEP2)

Approval Criteria

  • Team KYC Verification
  • Providing ample market-making funds & options
  • Compliance with our Terms & Conditions
  • Coherent tokenomics (including vesting schedule)
  • Clear explanatory white paper & website
  • Bright & captivating upcoming developments roadmap

STEP2 Approval & Process Planning

Arrange the initial meeting to discuss the coin listing plan and the amount of security deposit. The purpose of the security deposit is to protect investors and platform users and will be fully returned to the blockchain project three months after listing.

8v exchange coin listing cost breakdown

STEP3&4 Terms Agreement & Contract / API Documents

After the initial meeting, we will draft a listing contract for the project team to review and sign. Upon receiving the signed contract, we expect to receive a portion of the listing fee and security deposit, and in return, we will send the corresponding API documentation.

8v exchange coin listing timeline

STEP5 Confirm Coin Listing Plan and Promotional Plan

  • Confirm the final listing schedule.
  • Plan the schedule for promotional activities and prepare the required resources.
  • Discuss other related issues, such as market-making standards and regulations.

STEP6&7&8 Confirm Market-Making Requirement / API Testing / Coin Listing

8v exchange coin listing technical steps