Bug bounty

8V Exchange Bug Bounty Program


Welcome to the 8V Exchange Bug Bounty Program! Our mission is to provide the most secure and reliable crypto trading platform. But even the best systems are not foolproof. That’s why we invite the security community to work with us in identifying and fixing vulnerabilities. Your expertise is highly valued, and we encourage you to participate in making 8V Exchange safer for everyone.



  • 8V Exchange Web Platform (https://8v.com)
  • 8V Exchange Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • 8V Exchange API endpoints
  • Any subdomains associated with 8v.com


  • Third-party websites and services integrated with 8V Exchange
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Physical attacks against 8V Exchange infrastructure

Bug Bounty Rewards

The rewards for identifying vulnerabilities are determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the severity of the issue, assessed under the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

CriticalTo Be Determined
HighTo Be Determined
MediumTo Be Determined
LowTo Be Determined

Note: Rewards are typically paid out in cryptocurrency. Alternative forms of compensation can be negotiated.

Bug Submission Guidelines

  1. Report Structure: Your report should include steps to reproduce the vulnerability, potential impact, and recommended fixes. You’re an expert; we expect nothing less than thorough reports.
  2. Proof of Concept: Include any scripts, screenshots, or detailed explanations that demonstrate the vulnerability.
  3. Unique Bugs: Duplicate reports will be marked as such. Make sure you’re the first to discover it!
  4. Disclosure: Keep the details of any vulnerabilities confidential until they have been resolved.
  5. Rate Limit: Do not perform any attacks that could degrade the service for other users.
  6. Legal Waiver: By submitting a bug, you agree not to disclose the bug until it has been fixed and a reasonable time period has elapsed.

How to Submit a Bug Exchange Bounty Report

Please submit your bug report via our encrypted submission form at Secure Submission Portal.


For any additional questions, contact us through customer service on our app or web platform.

Contact Us

For urgent matters, please email us at: support@8vex.com.

Thank you for helping us make 8V Exchange the most secure platform in the crypto world.