Referral Scheme

8V referral scheme banner

To reward our users for their long-standing support, 8V has introduced the Referral Scheme. Users simply need to invite their friends to register and trade on 8V to earn corresponding account trading commissions. (The subsequent commission rate will be adjusted based on market conditions and will be announced separately).

Referral Scheme Rules

Whenever a user successfully invites a new user to register, as long as the invited user engages in spot, leverage, contract, or earn product trading, the inviter can earn a certain percentage of the commission from the invited user’s trading fees. Every registered user can independently act as the inviting party to invite new users.

Commission Calculation

The highest referral percentage is 20% of the trading fees.

Users can set their own referral percentage to determine the distribution of the 20% trading fee commission. The inviter can click on the “Default Referral Code” in the Referral page to set the referral percentage for friends.

For example, Inviter A can set the referral percentage for friend B to be 30% and their own earnings percentage to be 70%. The referral calculation is as follows:

Inviter A’s commission: Trading fees*20%*70%
Friend B’s commission: Trading fees*20%*70%

If friend B continues to invite other users, both A and B can earn a commission from the trading fees of the invited user C. Friend B can also set their own referral percentage. Users can set different referral percentages for individual objects through invitation links and QR codes.

Users who register through the inviter’s referral link are counted as effective from the registration date. The inviter will only receive a commission if the invited user conducts trading while within the effective period.

Apply to Become an 8V Agent

Currently, the maximum referral percentage for regular users is set at 20%. If you successfully join the 8V agent team, you can enjoy higher referral bonuses. Interested partners are welcome to click here, fill out the form, and 8V Business Team will contact you within 5 working days.