Web3, alternatively referred to as Web 3.0, embodies a visionary concept for the next phase of the World Wide Web. It integrates principles of decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economies. Below are some widely used platforms and tools within the realm of Web3.

8V Academy X Wormhole Messaging Protocol | Any Chain Token Swap

8V Academy X Wormhole Messaging Protocol

providing flexibility for users to transfer and convert any tokens between any chains

Web3 Directory
Largest NFT Marketplace - OpenSea
NFT Design Tool - TokenPoket
Web3 Marketing Service - Pacific Meta
Multisig Wallet - Gnosis Safe
Multi-chains Wallet - Bitget
Bitcoin Privacy Wallet - Samourai
Global Centralized Exchange - 8V.com
Coinbase Web3 Wallet - Coinbase
Binance MPC Web3 Wallet - Binance
Web3 Domain Registration