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Get an 8V Card for easy spending!|Application Instructions

If you aim to use cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions while maintaining the convenience and security of traditional payment cards, cryptocurrency debit and credit cards might be your best choice.

These cards allow you to use cryptocurrencies at places that accept regular cards, offering real-time conversion rates and low transaction fees. With the global proliferation of cryptocurrencies, numerous companies have introduced various payment products tailored to cryptocurrency users, including debit and credit cards.

Download the 8V app and explore the unparalleled features of the 8V Card.

8V Crypto Payment Card Tutorial

What is 8V Crypto Payment Card?

With the widespread adoption and development of digital currencies, their use is becoming increasingly extensive worldwide. Digital currency payments have emerged as a new payment trend. In this context, to better meet the growing demand in the market and among users for digital currency payments, 8V has launched its card business, committed to providing users with efficient and cost-effective digital currency payment solutions.

Users can easily and quickly apply for a virtual crypto payment card within the 8V platform. This card provides the functionality of instant conversion of the cryptocurrency USDT to fiat currency USD and is widely applicable to various online and offline payment scenarios. Its aim is to create a more convenient and seamless digital currency payment experience for users.

8V Crypto Payment Card Introduction

Card TypeVirtual
Card BrandMasterCard
Activation Waiting TimeWithin 24 Hrs
Card Validity Period5 Years

How to Use 8V Crypto Payment Card

I. How to Apply for 8V Card

The application process for a 8V Crypto Payment Card primarily consists of two steps. 

  • Step 1: Personal information input. 
  • Step 2: Payment of card issuance fees, along with the provision of a feature to check the card application progress. 
8V Crypto Payment Card_application
8V Crypto Payment Card_application

II. How to Deposit on 8V Card

Users can transfer their USDT from their 8V wallet to their virtual card and the USDT will be simultaneously converted into the fiat currency USD for spending. 

8V Crypto Payment Card_Deposit
8V Crypto Payment Card_Deposit

III. How to Check

Users can check their virtual card balance and transaction history.

8V Crypto Payment Card_history
8V Crypto Payment Card_history

How to Apply for 8V Crypto Payment Card

Step1: Fill In Personal Information

  • Enter the 8V Home page, choose ‘Card’ and click ‘Apply Immediately’.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Note:
    1. All information required is mandatory, including name, birth date, phone number and email.
    2. The phone number and email must be entered with the corresponding verification codes.
    3. No personal ID is required.

Step2: Pay Card Issuance Fee

8V Crypto Payment Card_application_step2
  • Users are required to pay a card issuance fee of 15 USDT, of which 10 USDT is a deposit. After card issuance, it is directly converted into USD and deposited into the user’s card balance at the current exchange rate.
  • The card issuance fee will be directly deducted from the user’s 8V wallet. If the balance in the user’s 8V account is insufficient, the system will provide a recharge prompt.

Step 3: Review Your Information

8V Crypto Payment Card_application_step3
  • Visa will review your card application.
  • The review is expected to be done in 24 hours.

Step4: Completion

Visa will provide the application result.

V If the application is successful, the card application is completed, and users can immediately use the virtual card services.
If the application is not successful, it will be considered a failed card application, and users can resubmit the application.Resubmissions are free of charge, and the card issuance fee is non-refundable.

How to Deposit/Recharge

Step1: Click Deposit

  • Enter the 8V Card page and click ‘Deposit’.

Step2: Confirm Your Card Balance

  • The recharge page will display the available USDT balance in your 8V account wallet. When you  enter a recharge amount greater than your available funds, the system will prompt “Insufficient current asset”.

Step3:  Enter Verification Code

  • After clicking “Confirm Recharge,” you must enter the transaction verification password. Upon completion of the operation, the system will provide feedback indicating a successful recharge.

How to Check Your Application Process and Transaction History?

Step1: Review Your Card Application

  • You can click the icon on the upper right corner on the 8V Card page.
  • Review your card application record and details.
  • Within the application records, users can check the status of their card application (including under review, approved, and rejected).

Step2: Check Your Transaction History

  • Enter your card application record page, click the upper left icon and choose ‘Transaction History’. 
  • Within the transaction history, users can inquire about their bills for different transaction types (recharge, expenditure). Details include transaction time, transaction amount, and transaction status.

Rate and Cardholder Benefits

8V Crypto Payment Card

  • Card Validity Period:
    The validity period is 5 years.
  • Expiration Notice:
    Before the virtual card expires, we will notify cardholders through email, internal messages, and other methods.
  • Card Cancellation:
    After the virtual card expires, the system will automatically record the user’s card balance and cancel the card.
  • Asset Transfer:
  1. After the card expires, the remaining funds in the expired card (in USD) will be transferred to the official 8V card account.
  2. 8V will convert the remaining balance to USDT and transfer the funds to the user’s 8V wallet within 2 working days.
  3. Cardholders can reapply for the card and continuously use 8V Crypto Card services after recharging.

Fee Standards and Rate Calculation

Card Issuance Fee15 USDT
Spending Limit500,000 USD / Day
Annual Fee0 (No extra fee)
Recharge FeeUp to 2.15% of the recharge amount
Recharging Limit10,000 USDT / Day
Minimum Recharge Amount10 USDT
Transaction Fee0.2 USD / Order
Card Replacement Fee15 USDT
consumption feeIt’s based on the official MasterCard’s standard.
Transaction Cancellation Fee0
Dormancy Fee0
Account Expiration Fee0
Account Closure Fee0
Request Transaction Proof Fee0
Abnormal Transaction Handling Fee0
Balance Check0

Region Restrictions

  • Global Use: The 8V Crypto Payment Card supports global consumption without any regional restrictions at the moment. The only limitations may arise in certain payment platforms or specific scenarios. For detailed information, please refer to the payment scene introduction below.
  • Standard Fee: The fee standard for the card is the same across all regions, with no additional charges.

Crypto Payment Card Risk (Fraud) Handling Policy.

In case of a risk crisis, such as the loss of the card or cases of fraud, you can contact 8V online customer staff and submit an application to freeze or unfreeze your card.

Identity Verification

After receiving your application, the 8V customer service team will verify your identity to ensure the security of the operation.

Technical Processing

After successfully verifying your identity, the customer service team will submit an emergency processing request to the technical department, and the technical team will carry out the freezing or unfreezing operation of your card.

Expected Processing Time:

The processing time for VIP users is expected to be completed within 1 hour, while for regular users, the expected processing time is within 24 hours.

Application Conditions

  • Age Restriction:
    Applicants must be at least 18 years old to submit an application.
  • Identity (Account) Restriction:
    Each identification (account) is allowed to apply for only one 8V Crypto Payment Card.

Payment Platforms and Scenes

E-commerceAmazon Prime
Third-partyAmazon Web Service
Payment ToolPayPal
Apple Pay
WeChat Pay
Google Pay
Cathay Pacific
Air Canada
GameGoogle Games
OthersOpenAI(Critical Scenes)
Telegram Premium

Get the 8V Card

The 8V cryptocurrency payment card is widely applicable in various online and offline payment scenarios, free from geographical limitations, allowing consumption freedom worldwide.

With 8V card in hand, navigate the virtual world effortlessly.

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