Introduction to 8V automatic investment/fixed investment function

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Start to create your regular investment plan, select the coins you want to invest, decide your investment amount and determine the regular plan, enjoy passive income while participating in the regular investment plan, once invested, you can earn daily income from earned coins and redeem them at any time To return your funds, the fixed investment function of 8V is introduced as follows.

1.What is Auto-Invest?
Auto-Invest allows you to automate crypto investment and earn passive income. It is a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy. You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase on a regular basis. Once invested, your profits will be generated and calculated through the following formula : Total profit : ( total fixed investment – current total market value) / total fixed investment.

2.How does Auto-Invest work?
The auto invest function allows users to create their own auto-invest plan and regularly invest in cryptocurrency with a pre-determined amount to accumulate crypto holdings.

Step 1 – Choose crypto you want to buy
Step 2 – Create a plan by choosing how much you want to buy and select your preferred coins
Step 3 – Select a recurring cycle on how often you want to buy crypto
Step 4 – You are all set!

3.What happens to my auto invest plan when I don’t have sufficient balance left in my wallet?
Should there are no longer any available balance left,the purchase will fail. The system will try to make another purchase on the next Auto-Invest date.

4.How many Auto-Invest plans can I subscribe to?
There is no limit for user customize investment plans, but the selected currencies in each fixed investment plan limit is 10.

5.How to stop my Auto-Invest plans?
You may stop your ongoing plans through the strategic trading page by clicking on the stop plans button. You may also view your current investments details through the strategic trading details。

6.What is the minimum amount for each investment?
The minimum amount for each auto investment is 10 USDT.

7.How to edit my Auto-Invest plans?
For fixed investment plans that are in progress, users can click “Strategy Details” to enter the details page, where they can edit/modify the name of the fixed investment strategy, but cannot modify the fixed investment cycle/amount/currency, etc.

8.How can I redeem the assets purchased with Auto-Invest?
Users can cancel the fixed investment plan anytime, and the assets will return to users account. Our platform will not freeze their fixed investment assets.

9.What is the difference between auto staking and auto invest function?
Auto invest is similar to auto staking. They both allow you to automate crypto investment regularly. However, auto staking will automatically deposit all your available assets into your auto staking account daily at 16:00 (UTC+0), so you can earn passive income easily. However, auto invest allows users to customized their investment amounts and recurring time. Apart from that, Auto invest only supports buying crypto with USDT, while auto staking investment takes the total available assets in your account.

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