Dear 8V users,

The newly registered users on the 8V platform can get a 500 USDT voucher and take part in a variety of campaigns to get more. Please find more details below.

I. What is Vouchers

  1. The vouchers are issued as vouchers that can be used in our products;
  2. The vouchers are directly sent to ‘Voucher’;
  3. Users can get the vouchers by participating in 8V’s campaigns.

II. Activity Rules

  1. The expiration date of a voucher is based on the date shown on it. It will automatically become invaild after the expiration date;
  2. The amount of vouchers cannot be withdrawn or transferred;
  3. The vouchers are one-time consumption;
  4. The profits generated through the use of vouchers will be automatically distributed to users’ accounts;
  5. The vouchers can only be applied to the products on the platform, and are limited to specified products listed on the vouchers.
  6. After the right of interest ends, users can get expected interest corresponding to the vouchers.

III. How to find the Vouchers?

Users can find the vouchers after they were sent to their 8V accounts on both webpage and the app. Please find more details below:


Check the top of the page to find ‘Coupon Center’→ Users can find it in ‘Total’ or ‘Voucher’


Click the profile on the upper left corner→ Users can find it in ‘Voucher’

IV. Disclaimer

  1. The platform has the right to take corresponding actions and recover the loss if we detect any malicious use of the vouchers;
  2. 8V reserves the right to interpret the use of vouchers.

8V.com is committed to providing high-quality products and services for our users!

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