8V Futures Trading Competition: Incredible Rewards for Winners

Dear 8V Users,

Futures contract is a short-term trading tool that allows users to trade with a small amount of money (lower cost) by leveraging trading. For investors who aim to generate profits in a short time, futures trading is more flexible than spot trading! 8V sincerely invites you to take part in our latest event ‘8V Futures Trading Competition: Incredible Rewards for Winners’. Let’s earn profits together through futures trading with an extra bonus! Please find more details below.

Event Period

2023/04/10 17:00 – 2023/05/10 16:59 (UTC+0)

Event Details

  1. Users who conduct USDT-based futures contract transactions during the event period will enter the competition automatically, and will be ranked based on their USDT-based futures contract trading volume;
  2. Users whose USDT-based futures contract trading volume over 1000 USDT are eligible to enter the competition and will earn corresponding rewards listed below.
RankingNumber of Lucky DrawRed Envelope Rewards
No.151- 100 USDT Airdrops
After No.111

Take part in the event:https://reurl.cc/a17Ak7

Event Terms and Conditions

  1. Users need to complete both email and phone verifications to earn rewards;
  2. Futures Contract Trading Volume: Capital x Leverage Times (excluding click-farming);
  3. Each position needs to be held for over 3 minutes. Two-way positions and click-farming will be excluded;
  4. The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event period ends;
  5. Users cannot transfer the rewards internally. The transactions that used futures bonus vouchers will be excluded from the Futures Contract Trading Volume calculations;
  6. To ensure the campaign is fair, the 8V platform strictly prohibited malicious behaviors such as click-farming and multiple accounts registration;
  7. If the platform detects any abnormal user behaviors in this respect 8V will cancel the users campaign application and might freeze their account depending on the severity of the violation;
  8. 8V reserves the right to remove users who engage in fraud from the campaigns;
  9. 8V reserves the right to cancel the campaign or revise relevant rules;
  10. 8V reserves the right to interpret the content of the campaign. Please contact our customer service team if there is any question.

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8V team


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