Welcome Package for Beginners!

Dear 8V Users,

To provide a better trading experience for our new users, 8V invites you to participate in our latest event ‘Welcome Package for Beginners!’ to earn exclusive benefits! Please find more details below.

Event Period

2023/10/2 17:00 – 2023/11/2 15:59 (UTC+0)

Event Details

  1. During the event period, new users who complete any one of the following transactions: “Spot Trading, Contract Trading, Leverage Trading, Earn Products, GameFi,” will receive rewards ranging from 1 to 8 USDT.
  2. This reward will only be given to the first 200 users who qualify. First come, first served.
  3. Each user can only receive this reward once.

Event Terms and Conditions

  1. Users need to complete both email and phone verifications to earn rewards;
  2. The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event period ends;
  3. Users cannot transfer the rewards internally. The transactions that used futures bonus vouchers will be excluded;
  4. To ensure the campaign is fair, the 8V platform strictly prohibited malicious behaviors such as click-farming and multiple accounts registration;
  5. If the platform detects any abnormal user behaviors in this respect 8V will cancel the users campaign application and might freeze their account depending on the severity of the violation;
  6. 8V reserves the right to remove users who engage in fraud from the campaigns;
  7. 8V reserves the right to interpret the content of the campaign. Please contact our customer service team if there is any question.

8V.com is committed to providing high-quality products and services for our users!

8V team


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