8V Referral Program: Invite Friends to Earn Unlimited Rewards

Dear 8V users,

To show our appreciation for your support, we launched this referral program to benefit both you and your friends! There is no limitation on the rewards a user can receive. The more people you invite, the more rewards you earn. Let’s immerse in the crypto world on 8V together! Please find more details below.

Event Period

2023/02/14 16:00 – 2023/03/14 15:59 (UTC+0)

Event Details

  • Invite Friends to Get 500 USDT Earn Vouchers

Users who invite at least one new register can get rewards. The new register needs to complete both email and phone number verifications.

Inviter: Inviter will get a 500 USDT earn voucher (USDT fixed term – 7 Days) for each person invited.

Invitee: Invitees who registered via the referral code can not only get a 500 USDT voucher for new users, but also a 500 USDT earn voucher (High-yield limited – 30 Days).

  • Invite Friends to Deposit or Trade to Get Extra Benefits

For each valid user invited, both the inviter and invitee will get 1 USDT airdrop. The more people you invite, the more rewards you earn. There is no cap on the rewards a user is allowed to receive.

Valid Users: Users who deposit more than 50 USDT from external wallets and their futures contract volume is more than 2000 USDT during the event period.

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Earn Vouchers

  1. The vouchers will automatically expire after the expiration date;
  2. The vouchers cannot be withdrawn or transferred;
  3. A voucher can only be used once;
  4. The earnings generated by the use of vouchers will automatically arrive users’ accounts;
  5. The vouchers can only be applied on the earn products on the 8V platform;
  6. Users will receive corresponding interests after the period of interest ends.

Event Terms and Conditions

  1. Users need to complete both email and phone verifications to earn rewards;
  2. Users can receive multiple rewards; The positions opened with futures bonus vouchers will be excluded;
  3. Futures Contract Volume: Capital x Leverage Times (Buy+Sell, excluding click farming);
  4. Each position needs to be held for over 3 minutes. Two-way positions and click-farming will be excluded;
  5. The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event period ends; Users cannot transfer the rewards internally.
  6. To ensure the campaign is fair, the 8V platform strictly prohibited malicious behaviors such as click-farming and multiple accounts registration;
  7. If the platform detects any abnormal user behaviors in this respect 8V will cancel the users campaign application and might freeze their account depending on the severity of the violation;
  8. 8V reserves the right to remove users who engage in fraud from the campaigns;
  9. 8V reserves the right to cancel the campaign or revise relevant rules;
  10. 8V reserves the right to interpret the content of the campaign. Please contact our customer service team if there is any question.

8V.com is committed to providing high-quality products and services for our users!

8V Team


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