Celebrate the Listing of AI New Tokens! Complete Tasks and Share 1000 NMR Tokens

Dear 8V users,

Numerai (NMR) is an Ethereum-based platform that allows developers and data scientists to experiment and create more reliable AI machine learning models. The primary goal of this platform is to introduce decentralized concepts into the field of data science.

Phoenix (PHB) is an L1 and L2 blockchain infrastructure that supports intelligent Web3 applications, focusing on next-generation artificial intelligence and enabling privacy for Web3 applications.

AI has always been one of the hottest topics today. Get ahead by mastering the most empowering AI tokens with 8V. Now, simply complete the following tasks to receive NMR and PHB airdrops, and let’s share the 1000-token prize pool together.

Event Period

2023/10/19 17:00 – 2023/10/31 16:59(UTC+0)


Event Details

Stage 1: Download 8V App (Android User limited)

New users who download the official 8V app during the event period will receive 1 USDT airdrop for free. 

Be the first to win from a total of 50 rewards > Download now.

Stage 2: Register to win PHB token

During the event period, new users who register for an 8V account (both web and app versions are eligible) will receive 2 PHB tokens

All users registered via the link are eligible to get the rewards > Register now.

Stage 3: Trade to share the 1000 NMR token prize pool

Whether you are a new or existing user, as long as you meet the requirement of accumulating a total trading volume of more than 6,000 USDT in spot and contract trading (regardless of the cryptocurrency), you will be eligible to participate in sharing the 1000 NMR prize pool. Each person can receive a minimum of 1 NMR. The total prize pool is worth approximately 12,000 USD.

Event Terms and Conditions

  1. Users need to complete both email and phone verifications to earn rewards;
  2. Each position needs to be held for over 3 minutes. Two-way positions and click-farming will be excluded;
  3. All participants must register and download through this event page’s link to be considered eligible. Download and registration rewards are limited to once per new user, and the rewards will be distributed to your 8V account within two weeks after announcing the list of winners.
  4. Users cannot transfer the rewards internally.
  5. Futures Contract Trading Volume: Capital x Leverage Times  (excluding click-farming);
  6. To ensure the campaign is fair, the 8V platform strictly prohibited malicious behaviors such as click-farming and multiple accounts registration;
  7. If the platform detects any abnormal user behaviors in this respect 8V will cancel the users campaign application and might freeze their account depending on the severity of the violation;
  8. 8V reserves the right to remove users who engage in fraud from the campaigns;
  9. 8V reserves the right to interpret the content of the campaign. Please contact our customer service team if there is any question.

8V.com is committed to providing high-quality products and services for our users!

8V Team