8V Announcement on KYC Level

Dear 8V Users,

To enhance the platform security, the automatic KYC verification will be introduced. You will need to complete identity verification if you intend to withdraw a large amount of deposit within a short period of time, or to conduct futures transactions in large amounts. There are different limitations for different KYC levels. Please find more details in the table below ; For users who do not undergo KYC verification or fail to pass the verification, they can still experience the platform for deposit, withdrawal and transactions, but their withdrawal limits and individual transaction function limits will be adjusted. The detailed information is as follows:

KYC LevelUsers who haven’t passed KYC verificationElementary (LV0)Intermediate (LV1)Advanced (LV2)
Apply toUnverified usersNew RegisterersLV0 UsersLV1 Users
RequirementsNA– Fill in personal info including:o Nameo Date of Birtho Gendero Citizenshipo Addresso Phone Numbero Email – Upload ID documents (support pdf, jpg, png) – Text verification- Email verification– Liveness verification- Upload selfie with ID on hands- Pass LV0 verification– Proof of residential address, e.g. Bank letterWater billElectricity bill – Pass LV1 verification
Withdrawal= 1,000U / 24H= 50,000U / 24H= 500,000U / 24H= 1,000,000U / 24H
Spot CryptoN/AN/AN/AN/A
Spot Auto-investN/AN/AN/AN/A
Coin-M FuturesUSDT-M FuturesMargin (Leverage)= 0U / 24HTotal Value = 50,000USDTTotal Value = 500,000USDTN/A
OTC= 0U / 24H= 2,000U / 24H= 5,000U / 24H= 10,000U / 24H
CopytradeMini GamesRed EnvelopeEarn ProductsCrypto LoansN/AN/AN/AN/A

Users Terminal: How to access KYC verification

LoginLogin– Login 8V APP- Click the “person icon” on the upper left corner- Click “Verification Status”___1678865881.png
ReminderKYC Verification Reminders– Display level requirements- Display maximum transaction amountUpgradephoto_2023-03-15_15-36-50.jpg

For more details, please refer to FAQ:

8V KYC Verification FAQ 

Gentle Reminder:

After the new KYC system goes live:

8V VIP Users

KYC Verified — No need to redo KYC verification

KYC Unverified — New KYC verification applied

8V Users
KYC Verified — Redo KYC verification
KYC Unverified — New KYC verification applied

For more details, please refer to FAQ:

8V Announcement on Automatic KYC Verification Function

KYC coupon activity:

As long as you fill in this questionnaire and complete Sumsub – KYC, 8V will distribute 5 USDT rewards, the event time is 3/15~4/15, limited to 30 people and win first


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